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Our Management Team

The profile of our senior staff is as follows:

Job Title Employee Name
Chief Executive Officer Mr Satish Purmessur
Director, Mauritius Sugarcane Industry Research Institute Dr (Mrs.) Asha Dookhun-Saumtally
Director, Farmers Service Agency Mr. Yash Ramdharee
Director, Sugar Storage and Handling Unit Mr. Luckraj Jhurry
Director, Agricultural Mechanisation Unit Mr Rajesh Mungroo
Ag. Director, Control and Arbitration Department Mr Devendranath Busgeeth
Ag. Assistant Director, Farmers Service Agency Mr. Anil Awotarowa
General Manager, Sugar Storage Handling Unit (Bagged Sugar) Mr N. Sharma Ramchurn
Manager, Finance Mr Sachim Duth Deena
Manager, Human Resource Mr Sunil Santbakshsingh
Manager, Farmers Service Agency Mr. Chandandeo Baboolall
Manager, Information Technology Mr Ritesh Woodun
Administrative Manager Vacant
Internal Auditor / Senior Internal Auditor Mr Leeladhanjiv Jhuboo